One of my hubby’s fave meal 🙂 It’s really simple to make. Actually there are many ways to make it, also many different kind of layers to use. But we like the simpliest one 🙂

Moussaka  is from the Turkish word for aubergine. It is an aubergine or potato based dish of the Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Though its variations are part of national Balkan cuisines and has an Arabic name, in the West it is best known in its Greek form.


250 g minced beef meat

5 eggs

1 cup sour cream

5 or 6 big potatoes, peeled and sliced

1 medium onion

Pepper and salt to taste

Olive oil


1. Prepare the meat : saute the onion until fragrant then add the meat and stir fry for 3 minutes. Add the paper and salt. Adjust the taste based on your taste. Cook for a moment and then set aside.

2. Mix the egg with 1 0r 2 pinch of salt and sour sauce. Mix them well.

3. Preheat the oven for 180 C.  Place the layers for mussaka. Using roasting tray, give a little bit of olive oil, then place some sliced of potatoes, then the meat, another layer of potatoes then pour the egg.

4. Baked for 1 hour. When it’s cooked, serve with anykind of salad you like. Greek salad is the perfect match 🙂

NB : if you like you can add some slice of zucchini.


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