Walnut Coffee Cake

This was my first attempt to make cake from walnut. I probably won’t do it if only my husband didn’t buy walnut from his co-worker who has walnut-trees and sell it cheaper than in a shop 🙂 Anyway, so I did the baking and it turned out really good. And it’s really easy to make.


4 eggs

225 g self raising flour (or if you are using all purpose flour, add 1 tablespoon of baking powder)

225 g caster sugar

225 g unsalted butter

75 ml coffee (you can use espresso)

150 g chopped walnuts

* For butter cream

250 g unsalted butter

200 g icing (powder) sugar

3-4 tablespoons instant coffee


1. Greased 2 round cake baking pans with butter

2. Heat up the oven at 180 C

3. Cook the coffee and leave it to cool off

4.  In mixing bowl, combine eggs, sugar and butter. Whisk them well until it’s  smooth (or until there are no lumps)

5. Then add the walnuts and mix them so that they are evenly distributed

6. Pour in the coffee into batter  and stir it until it is thoroughly combined

7. Divide the batter into 2 and pour in each round-baking pan and bake them for 30-35 minutes

8. Make the butter-cream : place the soft butter and powder/icing sugar into a bowl and using an electric mixer, whisk the butter until its light, fluffy and almost white. Then add in the cooled instant coffee.

9. When the cakes are baked, remove from the oven and cool them off. Then remove from the baking pan and transfer them to a cooking rack to completely cool off to room temperature.

10. When they are cool off completely, then it’s ready to put on the butter-cream on the cakes. Put the cream on the top of the cake. You can decorate it as the way you like it.

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